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Nason Creek Watershed Forest Health Strategy

Nason Creek Watershed Forest Health Strategy

Nason Watershed Forest Health and Resiliency Planning

Nason Creek Watershed is a priority planning area for under the DNR 20-year Strategic Plan for Forest Health. A landscape evaluation was recently undertaken by the DNR and planning for treatment of priority areas is now underway by multiple partners including DNR Landowner Assistance Program, Cascadia Conservation District, USFS, and Chelan County Natural Resource Department. The full Landscape Evaluation is still under construction, but a Landscape Evaluation Summary along with a presentation by Derek Churchill, Forest Health Scientist with DNR, on the methods used for the Landscape Evaluation. GIS layers are also available, please contact Erin McKay at for data sharing. 


2020 Nason Watershed Landscape Evaluation Summary

Presentation on Landscape Evaluation Methods and Results May 2020

Stay tuned for the Final Landscape Evaluation Report and planned community outreach and stakeholder involvement!

For more information on the Nason Landscape Evaluation effort and DNR's 20-Year Strategic Plan for Forest Health, please contact:

Amy Ramsey, Washington Department of Natural Resources


Nason Watershed Aquatic Assessment and Road Inventory

Part of understanding the health of the forest ecosystem and effects of upland actions (road use, fuels reduction etc.) is understanding the current threats to aquatic ecosystem health. A comprehensive assessment of existing roads and potential for sediment delivery into aquatic systems in the Nason Watershed was completed by Washington Conservation Science Institute (WSCI) in 2018. Using the GRAIP-lite analysis tool (a version of the Geomorphic Road Analysis and Inventory Program where sediment delivery potential is modeled then field verified at the high probability sites), WSCI identified priority areas to focus restoration or stormproofing of roads to reduce potential of blown culvert, mass wasting, or other causes of fine sediment delivery into fish-bearing streams. This work has resulted in removal and stormproofing of roads on the Nason Kahler Block (at the terminus of Nason Ridge) and planned removal of 8 miles of USFS roads in White Pine and Butcher Creek areas in 2021. This analysis work is an important factor in prioritizing forest health treatments, as road work can be completed in tandem with harvest or thinning for greater efficiecies and increased benefit to forest health as a whole. 

The final report and maps from the assessment are available through the links below:

Nason Creek Roads Assessment Final Report August 2017

Nason Creek Roads Assessment Erosion Potential Maps

Nason Creek Roads Assessment Potential Project List and Maps


Additional Resources

2020 DNR State Forest Action Plan

2020 DNR Forest Health Legislative Report

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