Juvenile Justice Center

Chelan County Juvenile Center

The Chelan County Juvenile Center is a county agency responsible for providing juvenile detention, probation, and court services. All criminal cases involving children who are at least eight and not yet 18 years of age are referred to the Juvenile Center to be screened and scheduled for court hearings or diversion. Youth may be brought to detention by law enforcement when arrested for a crime or on a warrant. Each juvenile offender is assigned a probation counselor who works with the youth and his family to make sure that court orders are followed and to provide treatment and other services designed to reduce recidivism. Juvenile Center staff also assist parents and school officials with truancy and at-risk youth petitions.


Juvenile Court is a division of the Chelan County Superior Court. The Juvenile Court administrator is appointed by, and answers to, the Superior Court judges. Funding for the operation of the Juvenile Center comes from the Board of Chelan County Commissioners. Revenue from state and federal government helps offset this cost.


There are 34 full-time employees at the Juvenile Center. In addition, part-time relief workers provide temporary staffing in detention. Classification descriptions for juvenile probation counselor, juvenile custody officer, and administrative support positions are available at the main office. When positions are open, information on how to apply is available here under Career Opportunities or in the Wenatchee World.

Contact: Niska Morris, Office Manager
Phone: (509) 667-6350

Posted: 01/21/2015 10:20 AM
Last Updated: 01/21/2015 10:26 AM

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