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Salmon Recovery Planning

Chelan County works with regional partners on salmon recovery planning and project implementation.  The Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board (UCSRB) helps coordinate the regional salmon recovery efforts by working with Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties, the Colville Confederated Tribes, and the Yakama Nation.

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Chelan County Fish Barrier Inventory

Lead entities are local, watershed-based organizations that develop local salmon habitat recovery strategies and then recruit organizations to do habitat protection and restoration projects that will implement the strategies.

Lead entities consist of:
  • A coordinator - Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board staff Joy Juelson, serves as the lead entity coordinator for Chelan and Okanogan Counties The Regional Technical Team - a committee of local, technical experts The Citizens Advisory Committee - a committee of local citizens

How do Lead Entity works?

Lead Entity Strategy

Each Lead Entity develops a recovery strategy to guide its selection and ranking of projects. The strategy prioritizes geographic areas and types of restoration and protection activities, identifies salmon species needs, and identifies local socioeconomic and cultural factors as they relate to salmon recovery. These stakeholder-supported strategies increase effective decision-making by Lead Entities and define and clarify roles between Lead Entities and the broader salmon recovery planning environment.

Project Sponsors

Project sponsors use the Lead Entity Strategy as a tool to identify and propose salmon habitat restoration and protection projects. Project sponsors typically are public or private groups or individuals, city, county, tribe, state agency, community group, non-government organization or private party. Project applicants fill out a project application and submit it to the Lead Entity for consideration. To ensure the success of projects funded through the Lead Entity process, project applicants are required to submit letters of support from affected landowners. The Lead Entity then applies its strategy through its local technical and citizens committees to evaluate and prioritize the projects.

Salmon Recovery Funding Board

The Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) is made up of five Governor-appointed citizens and representatives from five state agencies. There are eight types of projects that can be submitted by applicants through the Lead Entity for funding consideration: acquisition, in-stream diversion, in-stream passage, in-stream habitat, riparian habitat, upland habitat, estuarine/marine near shore, and assessments and studies. The Washington Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) administers grant funds from the SRFB.

The RCO has recognized the value and efficiency of coordinating numerous local projects through one entity. The RCO requires all requests for salmon restoration and protection project funding under Chapter 77.85 RCW to go through the local Lead Entity process for technical and citizen committee review and ranking. The Lead Entity contact for Chelan and Okanogan Counties is Joy Juelson, 509-433-2999

For more information about Salmon Recovery Planning, Lead Entity Role, and the grant cycle, see the Washington Department of Recreation and Conservation web site.

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