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West Cashmere Bridge Replacement (CRP 693)

West Cashmere Bridge Replacement (CRP 693)


POSTED JULY 27, 2020: The construction crew is now working five days a week (Monday through Friday) and expects to follow this work schedule through September. The construction of a 300-foot work trestle that will go over the Wenatchee River begins on July 15 and will continue through Sept. 30. Nearly 30 pilings that will support the work trestle will be vibrated into the riverbed.

The West Cashmere Bridge and Goodwin Road are closed. Goodwin Road is open to local traffic, which includes customers and vendors visiting the businesses on Goodwin Road.


Construction News

Updated: In-water work to begin July 15

Construction Update Video (May 29, 2020)

Virtual Open House

Chelan PUD utility work in the project area

Press Release: County Awards $19.3 million Contract to build new Cashmere Bridge

Letter to Local River Rafting and Kayaking Companies (March 4, 2020)


Project Description

The West Cashmere Bridge is a 91-year-old, fracture-critical bridge, both functionally obsolete and structurally deficient, with a sufficiency rating of 25.18. It is currently posted for both weight and height restrictions. The new structure is proposed to be constructed in approximately the same location as the existing bridge. The proposed bridge is estimated to be 44 feet wide and 1,000 feet long. In February 2020, a $19.3 million contract was awarded to SB Structures of Seattle for the construction of the new West Cashmere Bridge.

In 2012, through these fracture-critical inspections, it was estimated that within 10 years there would be a substantial decrease in the bridge’s load-carrying capacity – due to the progressive deterioration of the structural elements – unless major rehabilitation of the bridge’s structural components are performed.

The Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council has considered the West Cashmere Bridge Replacement Project to be of regional significance and is one of the top three priority projects within Chelan and Douglas counties.


Estimated Construction Schedule

The full construction schedule is available here. Please note this is an estimate. The schedule is subject to change and is provided as a general guide.


Recently Completed:

Demolition of the bridge's concrete deck and north approach are complete.


Installation of the over-the-water work trestle continues until Sept. 30.

The geosynthetic wall on the future north approach (off Sunburst Lane) is under construction.


Demolition of the bridge's south approach will be in August/September.

Installation of a cofferdam at the bridge's center pier will be in August/September.

Bridge's trusses will be removed in September.



The West Cashmere Bridge Replacement Project is being paid for with a variety of federal, state, local and private funding.

Project Total




Bridge Replacement Advisory Council


Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board


Rural Arterial Program


Legislative Discretionary (WSDOT)


Statewide Transportation Block Grant Program


Highway Improvement Program


Private (Crunch Pak)


WSDOT (NC Region)


Chelan County





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