Public Works


Driveways/Access Permits

When is an Access/Driveway Permit required?

For proposed access approaches onto any road within the County, including private and County roads (if access to Forest Service Roads or State Highways is required, the applicant shall contact the respective agency for an access permit), or

  1. When a property owner wishes to change an existing access location,
  2. When a property owner wishes to add an access point (NOTE: this is subject to approval by the County Engineer)

Permit Application Process

Working in the County Right-of-Way

When is a ROW Permit required?
A right-of-way permit shall be applied for prior to ANY and ALL work being done in the County right-of-way.

  • Utility Companies, Associations, or "Groups" with a Franchise Agreements shall apply for ROW permits prior to doing ANY work in the County right-of-way.

Fees: When doing work in the County right-of-way, a "bond" (preferably a check that will be deposited into an Escrow account) shall be submitted to the Public Works Department. 

  1. For work within an asphalt surface, the bond amount is $40.00 per lineal foot,
  2. Work performed in the County right-of-way, but is not in the asphalt (e.g. gravel shoulder or dirt) the bond amount shall be $10 per lineal foot.

Agricultural Tourism Directional Signs

Chelan County Public Works authorizes agricultural tourism directional signs along County roads to promote trade and tourism related to agricultiral products produced or manufactured in Chelan County by eligible businesses, while enhancing safety and esthetics on County road through regulating the numbers, size, design and location of permitted signs.  Anyone wanting to have a sign wihthin the County right-of-way shall complete and submit an "Application for Directional Signs" permit.

Road Review for Land Use Development

Title 15
Subdivisions/Plats & Conditional Use Permits

  1.  Development Process (currently under construction; please contact Development Staff for more information)
  2.  Chelan County Road Standards
  3. Addressing


  1. Setbacks (Title 11)
  2.  Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement (currently under construction; please contact Development Staff for more information)


Title 13

Development causes significant changes in patterns of stormwater flow from land into surface waters. Water quality can be affected when runoff carries sediment or other pollutants into streams, wetlands, lakes, or groundwater. Stormwater management can help to reduce these effects. In 2010, the County adopted Chapter 13.16 Stormwater Management in Chelan County and Chapter 13. 18 Construction and Post-Construction Stormwater Runoff Control Program. The County utilizes Department of Ecology’s Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington for guidance.

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