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18C09889 Found Blasting Caps

Posted By: Sheriff's Office on September 01, 2018

he Chelan County Sheriff’s Office reports that blasting caps found on private property near Plain, WA Friday were detonated by an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team from Yakima.  A citizen cleaning up an estate on Pine Tree Road in the Chiwawa River Pines Community had located 19 blasting caps in a shed on the property.  He reported the situation to the Sheriff’s Office just after 2:00pm.  A deputy responded and confirmed the items were indeed blasting caps.  No other explosive materials were located in the shed.


The 53rd Ordinance Company (EOD) in Yakima was contacted and responded.  The blasting caps were taken to a large sand pile at the county shop area on Chumstick Road near Leavenworth where a controlled detonation of the devices was performed at about 7:00pm. There was a loud explosive sound associated with controlled disposal of the blasting caps.  There was never a danger to the community.


The blasting caps had apparently been stored in the shed for many years by a previous residence of the property on Pine Tree Road.