Transportation Element Update

Draft Chelan County Transportation Element Update Available for Viewing

Chelan County is updating the Transportation Element of its Comprehensive Plan. The Transportation Element Update, when completed, will provide a 20-year vision for the County’s transportation system that respects the county’s history and character, supports anticipated growth in the region, and builds on Chelan County’s momentum as an attractive place in which to live, work, and play. It will support safe and comfortable travel by all modes through 2037.

Currently, the Draft Transportation Element Update is available for public review; however, the public comment period has expired.

The Chelan County Planning Commission will have a workshop to discuss the entire Chelan Counrty Comprehensive Plan Update, which includes the Transportation Element. The workshop is 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 24, at 400 Douglas St.

Previously, Chelan County Public Works in November held an open house, inviting the public to comment on the scope of the Transportation Element Update. The information shared at the meeting with attendees is available here. At the open house, county officials also shared a recommended draft list of projects.

The County’s overall vision is to provide a safe, balanced, and efficient multimodal transportation system that is consistent with the County’s overall vision and adequately serves anticipated growth. Below are six proposed goals that support this overarching vision:

  1. Maintain What We Have – Maintain existing transportation facilities in a state-of-good-repair to ensure their continued function, which is critical to achieving all of the County’s mobility goals.
  2. Provide a Safe System – Create a transportation network that can be shared safety by all users and provides sufficient access for emergency response.
  3. Ensure Financial Viability – Plan for a system that is financially viable, including consideration of full lifecycle costs in infrastructure investments and leveraging outside funds (including grants and private dollars) wherever possible to maximize community benefits.
  4. Support Land Use – Provide a transportation system that works hand-in-hand with existing and planned land uses, supports farm-to-market and recreational tourism needs, and balances economic development with existing users. 
  5. Environmental Stewardship – Avoid and minimize negative environmental and societal impacts from the transportation system and enhance the natural and social environment when possible.
  6. Be an Active Partner– Coordinate with a broad range of groups (including local, state, and regional agencies, key stakeholders, businesses, and the public) to develop and operate the transportation system. 

For more information about what a Transportation Element is, watch the following presentation: Chelan County Transportation Element Update. The presentation requires Powerpoint Viewer to view.