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At the Chelan County Department of Emergency Management our mission is to minimize loss of life and personal injury, damage to property and the environment related to disasters which may be natural or man-made. Our staff diligently works to enhance our “all-hazard” Emergency Management Program and the county’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). We strive to accomplish this through a continuing program of outreach, coordination, planning, training, and exercising for all-hazard events.

There are four core elements of managing any all-hazard event: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Mitigation: Activities in the Mitigation Phase work to "eliminate or reduce the chance of occurrence or the effects of a disaster." Preparedness: The Preparedness/Planning Phase addresses how we will respond to any disaster in our community. Response: The Response Phase is the time spent immediately after an incident occurs when we are providing direct assistance to the community. Recovery: The Recovery Phase runs from the end of the Response Phase until activities are back to normal.

For instance, wildfires and flash flooding have become prevalent and nearly an annual event within Chelan County.  The emergency management office works with local community leaders, fire districts, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, and many others to mitigate and prepare for these events.  Evacuation plans are reviewed and improved as necessary.  As the fire and flood situations actually occur, we coordinate with local fire districts, the USFS, State DNR, the Red Cross, and others to provide a coordinated and unified response, always keeping “life safety” as our primary objective.  After a large event, we work with State and Federal officials to seek as much reimbursement to the county as possible.

The Chelan County Department of Emergency management works for “you”, the public.  We are constantly looking for outreach opportunities within the community and appreciate constructive feedback on our efforts.


Volunteer Services Organization

The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Services (CCSVS) organization is a public service volunteer organization.   There are various opportunities for participation.

Over the past several years, the CCSVS membership has worked with deputies during hundreds of search and rescue missions, wild fire events, and Marine Patrol.  Training is a key component to the success of the CCSVS organization.  Members receive monthly training opportunities.


Proper training of our volunteers is imperative.  Training meetings for general membership of the CCSVS are held monthly (second Thursday @ 6:30pm).

The monthly trainings are supplemented by additional training opportunities throughout the year. Individual unit trainings are “in the field” practical exercises and are scheduled by the Unit Leader of the individual unit.  In addition, the Sheriff’s Office sponsor quarterly field training which combines all of the units during a field exercise.

Application Process:

Individuals needing to become an Emergency Worker to work as a volunteer need to complete the Emergency Worker form and mail it, with the individuals proof of completion of ICS 100, ICS 700 , and First Aid and CPR to Chelan County Emergency Management, ATTN: Emergency Worker, 206 Easy Street, Suite A, Wenatchee, WA  98801

Once forms and proof of training are received, you will be contacted by e-mail to finish the process which will include fingerprints, a background check, and a short online training. 

If you are interested in any of the following search and rescue volunteer unit opportunities, go to the Chelan County Volunteer Search & Rescue website:

Volunteer Units:


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