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Event Permits in Chelan County

Events & Activities Occuring in the County Right-of-Way

Any events or organized gatherings that use any part of a county road are required by Chelan County Code to have a valid event permit issued by the County. Even if the event does not require traffic control, an event permit is still required (see Title 9.26 of the County Code). Although you may not anticipate the need for road/lane closures or traffic devices with your event, proper notification of emergency services, school districts and other agencies is necessary to ensure the safety of the public and event participants alike.

Permit applications should be submitted to the Public Works Department at least one month in advance of the event so staff has adequate time to review and coordinate planned activities or projects that may be scheduled. If other organizers or agencies have events or projects planned for the same area, your event may have to be modified or rescheduled; knowing this in advance is critical to everyone. Also, do not assume that because you've held your event during the same timeframe in years past that it's on the "County's calendar." Road and utility projects must also be done to keep infrastructure functional for all users and rescheduling construction work at the last minute can be costly (if possible at all).

Failure to secure an event permit or not anticipating the need to provide traffic control can have very negative consequences. First and foremost, it's against the law. Secondly, directing traffic by unqualified individuals is illegal, can be very dangerous and creates a significant financial liability to the organizer should someone be injured in an accident. State and federal laws regarding traffic control are strict and must be followed; these requirements are in place to ensure the safety of the public and of your participants, and they work when implemented properly.

Contacting the County early in your planning process will help ensure these requirements aren't a last-minute surprise that you're unprepared to handle. If you have questions about obtaining a permit for your event, call our office at 509.667.6415.


Event Permit Form (updated May 16, 2018)

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