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Sep 22, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time

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 Meeting ID: 880 7770 8640

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Any person may join this meeting via Zoom Video conference, of which the link is provided on the Chelan County Website. A copy of the agenda may be reviewed online down at the bottom of this page in the "Documents and Presentations" list, shown by month, or requesting it by email at Chelan County has been recording Planning Commission meetings which will continue to be accessible on the Community Development Planning Commission web page shortly after the meeting takes place.

If you need special accommodations to view the meetings while they take place, or view the recording afterward, please contact us immediately at 509-667-6225 to set up a place for you to do so on the County campus. Keep in mind you would be required to wear personal protective equipment and maintain social distancing guidelines at all times.


Planning Commission Information

The Chelan County Planning Commission is a nine-member citizen advisory body appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), three members from each Commissioner district.

The primary function is to review recommendations regarding the Comprehensive Plan, related planning activities, and zoning regulations as assigned by the BOCC.

The Executive Secretary of the Planning Commission is the Director of Community Development or appointee. Questions regarding the Agenda or Planning Commission can be directed to Community Development Long Range Planning staff, at phone number 509-667-6225, or by email at .

Written Commenting on Planning Commission action items 

When the Planning Commission has opened public commenting on an issue before them, those comments may be submitted to the department through one of two means.  They can be sent via email to a dedicated email box at , or to our mailing address: 

Chelan County Community Development,
Attn: Planning Commission Comments
316 Washington St., Suite 301
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Current Planning Commission Members

District 1

Vicki Malloy, Vice Chair
James W. Wiggs
Ryan Kelso

District 2

Jim Newberry
Ed Martinez
Joel Walinski

District 3

Carl Blum, Chair
Doug England
Jesse Redell

Public Meetings  (Currently by Zoom-only)

Meetings are generally held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6 or 7pm, as noted on the upcoming agenda, and located at 400 Douglas Street, Meeting Room #1, Wenatchee, WA 98801. Public meetings during the months of November and December are often subject to change. The schedule is also available on-line through our Calendar link. Agendas are published on-line ten days prior to each meeting.  (CURRENTLY, due to the COVID directives of Governor Inslee, all meetings are held electronically using Zoom.)

All meetings are recorded with summary minutes reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission. Copies of the recordings may be requested through the public records request form. Fees may apply.

Meeting Procedures

Before a meeting or hearing, the public is encouraged to plan a presentation, if wanting to provide comment. This may include working with Community Development Long Range Planning staff to address questions prior to the presentation.

At the meeting or hearing, the Planning Commission Chair is who opens the meeting/hearing for public comment, and they may limit the length of the testimony.

When giving your testimony, approach the microphone and provide your name and address. Be sure to speak directly into the microphone which is recording. Testimony or comments shall be:

  • Directed to the Chair.
  • Kept factual and on the subject.
  • Relevant and concise - not repetitive.
  • Respectful of others - no cheering, booing, applauding, or talking with audience members.

Opportunities for Appointment

Chelan County welcomes your interest in your community. If you are interested in being a Planning Commissioner, provide your name, address, email, phone number and a short narrative to As appointments come available, a review of requests will be completed by the corresponding District Board Commissioner.

Planning Commission Archives

Documents and Presentations

 01 January 2021
   January-27-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 1282 KB
   January-27-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 16795 KB
   January-27-2021-PC-Minutes.pdf 33 KB
   January-27-2021-PC-Video.mp4 117012 KB
 02 February 2021
   February-24-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 6397 KB
   February-24-2021-PC-Minutes.pdf 33 KB
   WOD_11.80_PC_TAC_Draft_2-16-2021_Revision_combined.pdf 465 KB
 03 March 2021
   March-10-2021-PC-Agenda.pdf 100 KB
   March-10-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 144250 KB
   March-10-2021-PC-Minutes.pdf 31 KB
   March-10-2021-PC-Video.mp4 831613 KB
   March-24-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 230 KB
   March-24-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 101369 KB
   March-24-2021-PC-Exhibit-C-ZTA2018-122-Critical-Areas-Ordinances-update .pdf 857 KB
   March-24-2021-PC-Exhibit-D- ZTA21-069-Shoreline-Master-Program-SR-with-attach.pdf 2919 KB
   March-24-2021-PC-Minutes.pdf 36 KB
   March-24-2021-PC-Video.mp4 1119234 KB
 04 April 2021
   April-28-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 255 KB
   April-28-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 85980 KB
   April-28-2021-PC-Exhibit-C-ZTA-21-069-Draft-SMP-Changes.pdf 1582 KB
   April-28-2021-PC-Minutes.pdf 35 KB
   April-28-2021-PC-Video.mp4 393351 KB
   April-28-2021-PC-ZTA21-069-SR-with-attach.pdf 4265 KB
 05 May 2021
   May-26-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 1092 KB
   May-26-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 55185 KB
   May-26-2021-PC-Minutes.pdf 32 KB
   May-26-2021-PC-Video.mp4 445787 KB
 06 June 2021
   June-23-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 357 KB
   June-23-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 71532 KB
   June-23-2021-PC-Minutes.doc 345 KB
   June-23-2021-PC-Video.mp4 337368 KB
 07 July 2021
   July-28-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 4268 KB
   July-28-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 89521 KB
   July-28-2021-PC-Exhibit D_CPA21-084 NR Climate Grant Workshop Items.pdf 8484 KB
   July-28-2021-PC-Minutes.pdf 32 KB
   July-28-2021-PC-Video.mp4 528600 KB
 08 August 2021
   August-25-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 12118 KB
   August-25-2021-PC-Audio.m4a 44263 KB
   August-25-2021-PC-Video.mp4 295656 KB
 09 September 2021
   September-22-2021-PC-Agenda-Packet.pdf 1690 KB
   ZTA21-353-Updated-City-of-Wenatchee-Staff-Report.pdf 134 KB
   ZTA21-353-Wen-UGA-Updates-Staff-Report.pdf 157490 KB
 10 October 2021
Folder is Empty.
 11 November 2021
Folder is Empty.
 12 December 2021
Folder is Empty.

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