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Appealing to the Chelan County Board of Equalization

The Board of Equalization assists in the administration of property valuation used for tax purposes, providing an impartial forum for property owners. If a property owner disputes the assessed value of the property, the Board of Equalization will hear the owner's appeal and make an informed decision.

The board is an independent body organized to process and hear appeals of various determinations made by the County Assessor's Office. It is comprised of three citizens appointed by the Chelan County Commissioners to provide an impartial hearing environment that protects each party's due process rights and results in a fair decision.

The Board of Equalization hears and decides appeals concerning the numerous types of determinations, including; changes to real and personal property valuations; denials of senior citizen/disabled exemptions; denials of home improvement exemptions; decisions regarding historic property; forest land classification determinations; current use determinations; destroyed property determinations; and claims for either real or personal property tax exemptions.

Board Members 

Name  Appointment Term Exp. 
Jim Walters District 1 5/1/2024
Vacant District 2 N/A
Flint Hartwig District 3 6/1/2026
Adam Rynd District 3 (Alt) 6/1/2026


The Board of Equalization convenes on July 15 of each assessment year or 14 calendar days from the date the assessor certifies the rolls to the Board of Equalization and continues in session during regular office hours until all taxpayer appeals are heard or otherwise resolved. Hearings are conducted at the Chelan County Commissioners Chambers located at 400 Douglas Street, Suite 201, Wenatchee, WA.

Hearing Dates:

January February  March April

Filing an Appeal

FILING DEADLINE: The petition must be filed or postmarked by July 1, 2023, or within 30 days of the mailing date printed on your Notice of Value. 

ELECTRONIC: Must be received by 5 p.m.
By choosing to submit your appeal electronically, you are consenting to receive any future communication via the email you provide on the petition.
Our office will only accept appeals sent to the following email address:BOE@CO.CHELAN.WA.US

Chelan County Board of Equalization
400 Douglas Street, Suite 201
Wenatchee, WA 98801

ASSESSOR'S OFFICE: Joshua Hepburn - Joshua.Hepburn@CO.CHELAN.WA.US

** You must pay your taxes by the date they are due to avoid penalties and interest. After the appeal period of a Board of Equalization decision has passed, changes to the assessment will be entered into the system by the Assessor’s Office and the Treasurer’s Office will notify you of adjustments made to your taxes. **


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