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These items describe how some of our data has been entered. Your search will be most successful when you type in values that match the values we have typed for that record.


Document Code List. This is a modified copy of the sheet we use to assign the appropriate document code to a recording. Some document titles were once mapped to different codes, either because an old code was retired, or because the volume of a certain title warranted it to have its own code:

  • Boundary Line Adjustments (BLA) were once coded as SP (short plat)
  • Marriage Certificates (MC) were once included with the marriage application (MA)
  • Document Codes ‘(CERT) Certificate’ and ‘(DEC) Declaration’ are no longer in use.


Document Code Troubleshooting

Some document codes exist that are no longer in active use; some codes have only been in use for the last decade. This a quick list to help you zero in on the appropriate code and avoid frustration:

  1. Mortgages: What you know as your mortgage for your home is probably titled as a ‘Deed of Trust’. The document type ‘Mortgage’ is often associated with agricultural lands. For purchasers making payments directly to the seller, you should try looking for a "Real Estate Contract".
  2. Marriage Certificates: There is a separate document code for marriage certificates from 1997 forward. Prior to that date, the certificate was part of the application record.
  3. Wills & Death Certificates: We have very few of these, as they are not required to be recorded here.


Index Conventions – 2018 changes

Beginning in 2018, our office began typing the names exactly as they appeared on the documents. If a period follows an initial on a document, our typed index will include a period after the initial as well.

Prior to 2018, many abbreviations were used to make the most of what used to be limited space to enter data. If you type out the word mortgage in a name for a document recorded in 2017, the document will not be found because the abbreviation ‘MTG’ had stood in for mortgage before 2018.


Full Word/Phrase

Abbreviation used prior to 2018























States other than Washington

Full State name

United States of America




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Last Updated: 08/07/2020 10:38 AM

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