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Special Topics in Titling

Inheriting a Vehicle

If the estate of the deceased has been settled through legal action, then we will need the court documentation in order to proceed with the title change, and nothing in section 2 below will apply. Note that the Department of Licensing cannot accept a will as legal proof of inheritance.                                                

  1. When the estate is settled through legal action. For those owners whose estates were administered, probated, or court ordered, you will need to present the following:
  • Certified Letters Testamentary, or letters of administration, or certificate of County Clerk TD420-041
  • And…. The title
  1. When the estate is not being settled through the courts, one of the following will apply:

If You Have These…

Bring These Items

If the phrase “Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship” or JTWRS appears on the title

  • Copy of Death Certificate, front and back
  • Title

If you have a Community Property Agreement

  • Copy of Death Certificate, front and back
  • Community Property Agreement
  • Title

When none of the above apply, the estate has not been administered

  • Copy of the Death Certificate, front and back
  • Affidavit of Inheritance* (plus release of interest, when applicable).
  • Title

                *Affidavit of Inheritance will need to be signed by the surviving spouse, or if none, all parties in the next tier of inheritance, such as all children of the deceased. Signatures need to be notarized, though if you come to our office we can provide a certification of signatures, which is accepted by DOL.


Gifting a Vehicle

Vehicles are eligible for gifting as long as the current owner did not receive the vehicle in the same manner. When signing the title over, enter the word 'gift' as the sales price. If the gifting is between family members, indicate this by entering something such as “gift to son.”

Use tax on the fair market value of the vehicle may be due on the transaction. If the person gifting the vehicle is from a state or province that collects sales tax and if they have owned the vehicle 7 or more years, then tax is not due when both can be sufficiently documented. Use tax will be collected, however, when the vehicle is coming from a state or province that does not charge sales or use tax.

Adding or Deleting a Registered Owner

Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles (WATV)

Mobile Homes

The DOL website has detailed information for many other topics in titling.

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