Absentee Application

Obtaining an Absentee Marriage Application

Attention Washington Residents: A license obtained at any Washington county is valid anywhere else in the state. It is not necessary to obtain your license in the county of ceremony.

  1. Submit your data online
  2. Send us an email (recording@co.chelan.wa.us) after submitting your data, requesting that we create and email you an absentee application;
  3. Within two working days, you will receive an email with the application attached. Print the application on white paper & have your signatures notarized.
  4. Mail your signed original application and fee ($56 if including a certified copy, $53 if not) to us. We will proceed to create your Marriage License within 2 working days then mail you the final license paperwork. The paperwork can be picked up from our office rather than mailed, at your request.
  5. If one of you will be completing the application in person, that individual does not need to sign until they arrive in our office to finish the application. We will process the rest of your paperwork at that time, and you will leave with the Marriage License.
  6. The three-day waiting period begins on the day we process your application. The valid dates on your paperwork will reflect this.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all.