FCZD completes 2019 Annual Progress Report

In 2017, Chelan County’s FCZD Board of Supervisors adopted a Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan (CFHMP), which recommends regional policies, programs, and projects to reduce the risk to people and property from river flooding, alluvial fans and channel migration in Chelan County.

During the development of the CFHMP, a steering committee was assembled that oversaw the creation of the plan and made recommendations on its key elements, including the maintenance strategy. The principle role of a steering committee in the plan’s maintenance strategy is to review the annual progress report and to provide input to Chelan County’s FCZD on possible enhancements to ensure the CFHMP remains an active and relevant document.

The FCZD has prepared the 2019 Annual Progress Report for review. A few highlights on what the FCZD has accomplished this past year include:

The design of four additional debris basins in Number 1 Canyon is nearly complete. A $1.3 million grant application was submitted to FEMA for construction of the project. The FCZD expects to hear in August if that grant is approved.

The Slide Ridge retro fit project is at 60 percent design. A $1.3 million construction grant for the project was approved by FEMA. Construction on the project may start in 2021.

The Number 1 Canyon drainage analysis is being finalized. The analysis looked at the canyon’s drainage system and identifies not only system deficiencies that lead to flood risks but also potential mitigation measures to minimize the risks.

The district paid for the operations and maintenance of seven emergency alert rain gages.

The district paid for an emergency alert river gage on the Mad River. The river gage is a result of post-wildfire efforts related to the 2018 Cougar Creek Fire.

The district updated its website and created an annual online newsletter.

The district implemented a Flood Development Permit.

The district is addressing FEMA’s Community Rating System audit findings.

Cashmere Levee Maintenance Plan’s environmental permitting and mitigation plan were completed.

Last Updated: 04/02/2020 09:56 AM

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