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Name Changes

Name Change Checklist

  • You must present a copy of photo I.D. at the time of filing (e.g. passport, drivers license, government issued ID). If I.D. is not provided at the time of filing, it MUST be provided at the time of hearing.
  • You must be a resident of Chelan County.
  • An adult petitioning on behalf of a minor child must present proof of authority to act for the child. (Examples of such authority are the child's birth certificate or proof of guardianship.)
  • You must pay the filing and recording fees at the time the petition is filed with the court.
  • Hearing are set 2 weeks into the future and appearance is required. An adult petitioner may appear on behalf of a minor child.

COST: $191.50
Chelan County District Court: $88.00 (check, exact cash or card)
Chelan County Auditor: $103.50 (check or exact cash only)

* If paying by check, you must provide 2 separate checks.
* If paying by cash, exact amount of $88.00 for the filing fee and $103.50 for the recording fee must be provided. 


Documents and Forms


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I petition to change my name?

You may petition the District Court to change your name for any reason except for the purpose of defrauding or misleading another person.

How do I petition to change my child's name?

You may petition the District Court to change the name of your minor child. The Court may grant the petition if the name change promotes the minor's best interest, and if both living parents consent to the name change. If one parent does not consent, you must have notice of the proposed name change served on that parent.

I am the victim of domestic violence and don't want my abuser to know my new name. What do I do?

If you, your child, or your ward is the victim of domestic violence and you wish to have your name change file sealed because of a reasonable fear for your safety, you may file your petition for name change with the Chelan County Superior Court by going to the office of the Chelan County Clerk on the fifth floor of the courthouse, 350 Orondo Avenue,
Wenatchee, Washington 98801.

Posted: 02/03/2015 01:12 PM
Last Updated: 11/08/2019 04:02 PM

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