Solid Waste Management

Transfer Stations

Transfer Stations

Chelan County has three transfer stations:

  • Dryden Transfer Station, 9073 Highway 2, is operated by Chelan County's Solid Waste program.
  • Wenatchee Transfer Station, 1421 S. Wenatchee Ave., is operated by Waste Management.
  • Chelan Transfer Station, 23235 Highway 97A, is operated by North Chelan Recovery & Recycling Inc.


Dryden Transfer Station

Location: 9073 Highway 2

The transfer station (see map) is 1 mile east of the Highway 2 and Highway 97/Blewett Pass junction. Entry is only possible from the eastbound lanes of Highway 2.

Phone: 509-548-5592 (transfer station)/509-667-6415 (Chelan County offices)

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

The transfer station is closed Mondays and on holidays.

The brush drop-off site is closed for the season. The site is expected to re-open in late March or early April.

Services: General household disposal, brush drop-off site, free recycling bins

If you are a business that needs to set up a charge account with the DTS, start by filling out our form


The DTS does NOT take: sewage sludge, septage, dirt, rock, concrete, asbestos, pesticide containers, propane tanks, dead stock animals, liquids and hazardous wastes.

Per ton charge $125  (demolition materials cannot exceed 6 feet in length)
Minimum fee (under 420 lbs) $30
Scrap metal loads $15 per item
Refrigeration or A/C units $30 per unit
Brush $85 per ton/$20 minimum
Minimum brush fee (under 200 pounds) $20


Chelan Transfer Station

Location: 23235 Highway 97A in Chelan

Phone: 509-682-5631

Hours: Summer Hours (May 1-Sept. 31): 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

  Winter Hours (Oct. 1-April 30): 10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

            Closed Sundays and Mondays and on holidays.

Services: General household disposal and brush drop-off site. NO recycling is taken at the Chelan Transfer Station.

Rates: The transfer station takes only cash and checks.

The Chelan Transfer Station does NOT take wet paint, car batteries or hazardous wastes. It DOES take tires.

Loose cubic yard $25
Compacted cubic yard $41
Minimum charge (less than 1 cubic yard) $17
Appliances and scrap metal $10 per cubic yard
Refrigeration units $30
Brush per cubic yard $15  ($10 minimum)


Wenatchee Transfer Station

Location: 1421 S. Wenatchee Ave. in Wenatchee

Phone: 509-662-8885

Hours: Summer Hours (April 1-Oct. 31): 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

Winter Hours (Nov. 1-March 31): 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

The transfer station is closed Mondays and on holidays.

Services: General household disposal, free recycling bins, sharps containers are accepted at no charge and tires are accepted but limited to four to six per load. NO hazardous wastes.

Rates: For more information about the Wenatchee Transfer Station, visit its website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Inert wastes are defined as waste that is neither chemically nor biologically reactive and will not decompose. Examples of this are sand, concrete, glass, asphalt, rock, cinder block, CMU block, brick, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, dirt and sod.

Inert wastes DO NOT include materials such as roofing or demolition materials from a structure.

For disposal, call the Filion Inert Landfill in Cashmere (782-1010) or Waste Mangement's Regional Landfill in Douglas County (884-2802).

State law requires that asbestos testing be done BEFORE demolition/remodeling begins. At least a three-day turnaround is typical for lab test results. Certification is then needed for materials going to a landfill or transfer station. Materials may be from house demolitions, roofing jobs or insulation removal.

Call us at Chelan County Public Works (667-6415) so we can give you some options for testing facilities. 

Drop boxes around the county take prescribed narcotics, prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, medication samples, pet medications, medicated ointments and lotions, vitamins, inhalers and unopened EpiPens. Drop boxes are available only during business hours. Find a medication drop box location online.

If you are unable to use a drop box for your unwanted medications, mix the medicines with an undesirable substance, such as cat litter or used coffee grounds. Put this into a container with a lid, conceal personal information and place the sealed container in the trash. Make sure your trash cannot be accessed by children, pets or others. This method is only suggested as a last resort.

Sharps Containers are accepted at the Wenatchee Transfer Station at no charge. Needles need to be in a Sharps Container or a plastic container, such as an old milk jug or juice container. Please check in at the scale house for directions on where to dispose of the containers.

One-pound propane canisters, typically forest green in color, can be safely disposed of in your household garbage. Remove the valve or puncture the can so transfer service attendants know the canister is empty.

Larger tanks, typically 5 gallons, need to be safely recycled. They can be brought to the Dryden Transfer Station to be recycled in the metal yard. The tank must be punctured by the disposer or its valve must be removed. Standard fees apply.

Amerigas, 4261 Highway 97A in Wenatchee, accepts 5-gallon tanks at no charge. A fee is charged for tanks larger than 5 gallons.

You can report the illegal dump site via the service request page for Chelan County Public Works. Include in the service request a description of what is in the illegal dump (we need to know if there is anything large or heavy, such as a couch or concrete blocks) and a location of the dump that includes a milepost, crossroad or address. Cleanups occur from spring through fall. 

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