Community Development has a new General Information Meeting process

First, a message from Community Development:                                                

As our team continues to work on ways to improve processes for our customers in order to save them time and money, and to have clarity and develop understanding around the ideas they have for a development proposal, we are implementing a new General Information Meeting (GIM) process.  This is intended to bring the right people to discussions, with as complete information as possible, in order to more efficiently discuss a development proposal that is NOT yet ready for a formal project application.  These meetings are at NO cost to you!

The next page will take you to some links that will guide you through that process.  Our goal is to have a single Permitting Technician be the "one stop" coordinator of these meetings and for any subsequent communications.  It should help streamline and coordinate the communication and help reduce misunderstanding, delays, and the frustration that sometimes follows.  Let's work together to give this a shot, and if we need to adjust the process we are happy to do so. 

The existing "pre-application" meeting process will remain, but instead will be reserved for those projects truly at the point that is ready for submission.

Click HERE to go to the GIM page, if you wish to make an appointment!

Posted: 07/189/2020 10:50 AM
Last Updated: 06/156/2023 06:38 AM

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