Businesses with hazardous waste have a new option for disposal

Businesses with hazardous waste have a new option when it comes to safely disposing of the material.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services of Kent, a contractor with Chelan County Public Works, will be visiting the area about once a month to pick up the material at the county’s new Moderate Risk Waste Facility, which opened on Dec. 6.

Businesses interested in the service will work directly with Clean Harbors. They must fill out an application form and schedule a pick-up date with Clean Harbors.

Businesses eligible for the service are designated as small quantity generators, or an SQG. An SQG is a business that:

  • Produces less than 220 pounds (about 25 gallons) of hazardous waste per month.
  • Produces less than 2.2 pounds (about a quart) of acutely hazardous waste per month.
  • And stores less than 2,200 pounds (about four 55-gallon drums) of hazardous waste.

The form includes a waste inventory sheet and a pricing sheet. Waste disposal charges are due prior to the collection of the waste. For more information, contact Clean Harbors at 509-262-8035.

The Chelan County Moderate Risk Waste Facility does not take commercial hazardous waste. The facility is for residents of Chelan County and their household hazardous waste.


Last Updated: 02/24/2020 10:41 AM

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