District Court Probation

Pre- and Post-Sentence Investigations

Chelan County Judges occasionally order Pre- and Post- Sentence Investigations.  These are investigative reports to address a specific set of questions about the offender  or to compile a general history of the offender’s life and current situation.   These are ordered either just before sentencing (Pre-Sentence Investigation) or just after sentencing (Post-Sentence Investigation).

Chelan County Probation Officers conduct these investigations.   The Offender is ordered by the Court to report to Probation Services so that a Probation Officer may be assigned to conduct the necessary interviews.    The Probation Officer will meet with the offender in our office or, if the offender is in custody, the Probation Officer will conduct an interview in the Chelan County Jail. 

Prior to the interview(s), the Probation Officer will research reports of the current offense and previous criminal history of the offender.  This may include gathering officer reports from some or all previous criminal and probation involvements.

During the interview, the Probation Officer will gather a life history of the offender to include:

  • The offender's version of the offense
  • Previous criminal history
  • Family history
  • Level of education
  • Previous and current substance abuse and mental health treatment
  • Previous and current counseling for anger or violence
  • Employment history
  • Financial status
  • Physical health and medical history
  • Military history

The Probation Officer will intrerview everyone that he/she feels has pertinent experience and history with the offender.  This might include family members, former Probation Officers, employers, creditors, and victims in an attempt to formulate a clear and true vision of the offender and his lifestyle.  The Probation Officer will follow up on the information gathered from the offender and be determining if the offender made an honest attempt to communicate accurately.  If the Probation Officer believes that the offender has provided false or misleading information or attempts to influence others before we speak with them, this will be included in our report and reflected in the final recommendations to the Court.

Once the Probation Officer feels that he/she has obtained all of the information needed, he/she will write a detailed and comprehensive report along with a specific sentencing recommendation to submit to the Judge.  The Judge will make the final decision on sentencing, taking the report and all of the information into consideration.  This entire process may take a few weeks, if we are waiting on information to arrive.

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