Juror Frequently Asked Questions During COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Are jury trials still needed? Yes, they are. Jury trials are a keystone of the justice system. They are critical to fair hearings and a key constitutional guarantee (Sixth Amendment, U.S. Constitution) for all.
  2. Will jury service be in person or via virtual means? Jury service will be in person. There are many reasons for this, including constitutional rights of the accused, access to attorney presentations, access to evidence/exhibits and to facilitate juror discussion during deliberations.
  3. What if I am in the high-risk category or I am an essential worker? Can I be excused or rescheduled for jury service? Yes, you can. Follow the instructions on your summons to apply for these options.
  4. Will the courthouse be clean and safe? Yes, the courthouse, courtrooms and jury deliberation rooms will be cleaned thoroughly daily. Protecting the health and safety of the public and courthouse staff is essential.
  5. Will the courtroom and jury rooms adhere to the CDC precautionary measures of social distancing? Yes, the court will adhere to the CDC precautionary measures. Jury positions will be marked in the assembly room and courtrooms as well as the jury deliberation spaces.
  6. Will I have to bring a mask and gloves? Jurors/prospective jurors will be required to wear face coverings. If you desire to bring and wear your own personal protective equipment, you may do so on the day you report for jury duty. The court will also have masks available. For those seated on a jury the court will provide Department of Labor & Industries approved KN95 facemasks.
  7. Will the courthouse have hand sanitizer dispensers and hand washing areas available? Yes, hand sanitizers and hand washing areas are available in the courthouse.
  8. What if I feel unsafe or sick after reporting to jury service? Contact a member of Jury Administration immediately or, if assigned to a jury pool, your assigned court bailiff.
  9. What if I feel sick the day I am to report for jury service, do I stay home? If you feel sick, stay home and contact Jury Management or your assigned court bailiff for instructions. 

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Posted: 09/09/2020 02:27 PM
Last Updated: 09/09/2020 02:28 PM

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