Payment Options

  1. Cash
  2. Checks - made payable to the Chelan County Auditor for the exact amount
  3. Credit Card – Processing fee will be added. This option is available in-office only. We are unable to process phone orders.


Recording Fee Disbursement


Recording fees are set by state statute, and are dispersed to various funds and programs as legislated.

Fund or Program Portion of Recording Fee
County General Fund - This $5 portion plus the fee for any extra pages goes to the County General Fund to offset the expense of providing staff and equipment for the Recording Department. This amount has not changed since 1985! $5.00
Preservation Fund - County Officials use this fund to promote the accessibility and preservation of permanent documents. Projects that create scanned images from older, fragile, or irreplaceable originals are an example of the use of these funds. One dollar of this fund is distributed by the commissioners for community historical programs. RCW 36.22.170 $5.00
State Archives - Document storage in a climate-controlled environment and guidance in preparation of disaster recovery plans are among their services. A new digital archive also preserves electronic documentation. Use of these services is open to all Washington State municipalities, and includes grant funding for local government archival projects. RCW 36.22.175 $3.00
Housing Surcharges -
$10 funds programs to increase affordable housing (RCW 36.22.178).
$48 helps fund programs intended to reduce homelessness. RCWs 36.22.178, 36.22.179, 36.22.1791

State Heritage Center – This surcharge supports the Washington State Library

Total = Page one recording fee, Basic Fee (most document titles) $74.00