Our office is responsible for...

Determining the value of all taxable real and personal property in the county on a fair and equitable basis, along with maintaining accurate and accessible property information, providing timely and accurate assessments for tax purposes, and a detailed parcel map showing all parcels within the County.

These annual valuations reflect the market value estimate for the specified property as of January 1 of the assessment year. Except with respect to new construction (inspected every June & July), the January 1 assessed value is used as the basis for calculating the property taxes that are to be levied and paid in the following tax year. Washington State law requires property to be assessed at 100% of market value.

Your property taxes fund state and county services, including roads, transit, schools, libraries, parks, hospitals, fire and rescue, law enforcement, environmental and social services Information such as parcel numbers, ownership, tax codes, and assessed valuations for all property within the county can be obtained on-line through the property search of the Assessor's web site, or by calling the assessor's office during business hours.

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