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2018 road preservation project revs up

Posted On: May 03, 2018

The 2018 Road Preservation Program has been underway for the past several weeks at Chelan County Public Works.

County road crews have been out crack sealing Preservation Program roads throughout the county. Crack sealing is a preventative maintenance step where hot sealant is filled into cracks in the roadway to prevent against further water damage. It is the first of three steps in the chip sealing process.

Once all the roads are crack sealed, crews return for pre-level work, which is expected to begin in early June. Crews will apply a thin layer of asphalt over portions of Preservation Program roads to fill in ruts and low spots in preparation for chip sealing.

Lastly, chip sealing is a coating of liquid asphalt and gravel that’s applied to an existing roadway. Chip sealing, when all the steps are completed, is effective for seven to 10 years.

The roads in the 2018 Preservation Program were previously identified based on a rating system that defines what state the pavement is in and what fix is required. Roads scheduled for preservation this year are:

Wenatchee District: No. 1 Canyon Road, Sage Hills Drive, Austin Avenue, Austin Court, Lester Road, Day Road, Day Drive, Horse Lake Road, Love Lane, American Fruit Road, View Place, Hilltop Place, Sunnyslope Heights Road, Teakwood Lane, Morningwind Lane, Rolling Hills Lane, Mahogany Lane, Stoneybrook Lane and Lower Sunnyslope Road.

Cashmere District: Airport Road, Brender Road, Briskey Canyon Road, Pioneer Drive, Brender Canyon Road, Nahahum Canyon Road.

Leavenworth District: Simpson Road, Stemm Road, Stage Road, River Bend Drive, Brown Road, Fir Road, Fir Drive, Maple Drive, Spromberg Canyon Road, Merry Canyon Road, County Shop Road, Chumstick Highway and North Road.

Chelan: Minneapolis Beach Road, Ridgeview Drive, Navarre Drive, Fields Point Road, Shady Pass Road, Howard Flats Road, Gallagher Road, East Hugo Road, Hugo Road, Substation Road and Howard Flats Road NE.

Also included this year in the Preservation Program will be the re-sealing of Mission Ridge Road and Forest Ridge Drive. Both roads will be chip sealed and fog sealed (to help the curing process) before crews begin chip sealing the other roads scheduled for preservation this year.

To allow each process to cure – and for efficiency – each step of the preservation process is completed throughout the county prior to moving onto the next one. This means, if you live on a road slated for the Preservation Program, it’s likely you will see crews in front of your home more than once during the summer road construction season.

Motorists should expect travel delays during both the pre-level and chip-sealing processes. Expect to see one-lane, flagger-controlled traffic with up to 20-minute delays.  Motorist are advised to find alternate routes when crews are in their area. 

Go to the Pavement Preservation Program page for a view of the 2018 program’s roadways. Also go to the FAQ page for more information about the preservation process. And to keep up on crews’ progress, watch the Chelan County Public Works Facebook page throughout the summer.

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