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Upper Wenatchee Community Lands Plan

The Upper Wenatchee River Basin is spectacularly beautiful, ecologically diverse and economically essential. The basin has a range of physical characteristics and uses, and a complex ownership pattern. Lower elevation areas along rivers and lakes are largely in private ownership, some substantially subdivided and built out. Surrounding lands are a checkerboard of private and public ownership.

Management of this forested checkerboard impacts many public priorities: an economy supported by local jobs and businesses, vibrant recreation opportunities, thriving populations of fish and wildlife, and reduced threat of catastrophic wildfire. Local leaders want to take a proactive approach to guiding the future land uses within the watershed. Developing a vision for future ownership and management of these lands is necessary and prudent, especially in light of potential large-scale land sales.

The Upper Wenatchee Community Lands Plan (UWCLP) project will bring together local stakeholders to create this vision and a work plan to implement it. The project is a joint effort of Chelan County, The Trust for Public Land, and the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. Over the next year, we will be reaching out to landowners and residents in three areas: Peshasin Creek/Blewett Pass, the Chumstick valley, and Nason Creek/Lake Wenatchee.

Mark your calendars for the next Steering Committee meeting which will be held on Tuesday, September 15th from 1-4 pm at the Confluence Technology Center.

For more information about the Community Lands Plan:

Meeting Information

 2. Spring 2015 Community Meetings

  Spring 2015 Meeting Summary and Input.pdf 235.13 KB

 3. June 2015 Stakeholder Meeting

  Thumbs.db 220.16 KB
  June 2015 Steering Committee meeting summary.pdf 352.79 KB

 4. Future Meeting 2


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