Icicle Creek Instream Flow Committee

Instream Flow Committee (IFC)

The Icicle Work Group formed a technical subcommittee of instream flow and fish habitat experts to provide technical guidance on potential environmental flow impacts from projects.  The work of the IFC supports Guiding Principle #1: "streamflow that provides passage, provides healthy habitat, serves channel formation function, meets aesthetic and water quality objectives, and is resilient to climate change."

Instream Flow Committee (IFC) Purpose


Instream Flow Studies for Icicle Creek

Instream Flow Study Report for Icicle Creek (Cates, 1985)

Icicle Creek Target Flow Report for Leavnenworth National Fish Hatchery (2004)

US Bureau of Reclamation, Technical Memorandum, Instream Flow Assessment of Icicle Creek, Washington, December 2005, Ron Suttton and Chelsie Morris

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Icicle Creek Fish Passage Evaluation for the LNFH (2013)

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Icicle Creek Instream Flow and Fish Habitat Analaysis for the LNFH (2013)

US Bureau of Reclamation, LNFH Icicle Creek Rapid Geomorphic Assessment (2014)


IFC Presentations and Data

Weighted Usable Area by Reach

Water Supply and Demand by Reach

Potential Projects List with Percent Benefit Curve

March 28, 2014

April 29, 2014

July 17, 2014