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Request for Proposals / Qualifications

Chelan County, Washington
Request for Proposals for Carter parcel Cleanup Project


I           Purpose, Background, Scope of Service, Special Instructions, and Security at  the Project Site

  • A.        Purpose of Request for Proposal

                        The work to be performed under this Request of Proposal consists of removal and disposal of mobile structures, vehicles, junk, and motorized equipment from the site.  Vehicles and equipment which are removed will become the contractor’s property.  The County’s Code Enforcement Officer will designate which vehicles and equipment are to be removed.  At present, the County estimates that several dozen vehicles or more will be removed from the site.  The number of vehicles designated for removal may vary due to the landowner’s activity in removing vehicles from the site or bringing in additional vehicles.  There are two mobile homes that will need to be removed, recycled or disposed of and many cubic yards of offending materials including junk, unattached wheels, unattached tires, metal pieces, appliances, recreational vehicles, and boats that will need to be recycled or disposed of. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the number below to obtain a detailed list of vehicles and junk on the property. If a bidder is unable to undertake demolition of the mobile homes, they are still encouraged to bid on the junk and vehicle cleanup. Two or more contractors may be hired for this project. The mobile homes and  offending materials will also become the property of the contractor(s).  The chosen contractor(s) may recycle and/or dispose of this material as required so long as disposal complies with federal, state, and county laws and regulations. An access right-of-way exists along one side of the property which allows a neighbor to access their property. The contractor(s) will be asked to not obstruct this right- of-way while undertaking the project.

                        The property is located at 3800 W Malaga Road. The project site consists of Lot 1, Chelan County Short Subdivision No. 817, Maxine Anderson, as recorded in Book 788, at pages 502-504, records of Chelan county, according to the survey thereof recorded in Book 11 of Surveys as page 93, records of said county in Chelan County, Washington.  Potential contractors shall not approach nor view the property without first contacting the Code Enforcement Deputy representing the Chelan County Community Development Department.


The Chelan County Superior Court has issued an order directing removal and        disposal of vehicles and debris from the illegal junk yard because the site is not            zoned for this use and the site is deemed a public nuisance. 

  • B.        Scope of Services

            The selected bidder(s) will be responsible for the removal, recycling and disposal of mobile homes, vehicles and debris from the project site as specified by the Chelan County Code Enforcement Deputy.

  • C.        Estimated Project Time

The County estimates the project time expenditure at thirty (30) working days.

  • D.        Special Instructions

            Prospective bidders shall not approach nor view the property without first contacting Tim Lykken, Chelan County Code Compliance Deputy, at the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. 

1.         The County will schedule a one-time-only site inspection for interested contractors.  Contact Deputy  Lykken at (509) 667-6875 for the details. 

2.         Photographs of the property are available for viewing by appointment at the Chelan County Community Development Department,

316 Washington Street, Suite 301, Wenatchee, Washington.

  • E.        Security at the Project Site  

1.         The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office will provide security at the site during the project on Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2.         The Sheriff’s Office will not provide overnight security for the contractor’s equipment.


II.        Bid Proposal Requirements

  • A.        Proposal Format

The following documents and information must be included in each proposal in order to be considered for selection. 

1.         Cover Letter

Each response should include a cover letter, no longer than two pages, signed by an authorized person for the proposer, indicating that the response is valid for forty five (45) days and that the signatory is legally able to contractually bind the proposer.  The cover letter should summarize the proposal’s key points.

2.         Proposer’s Qualifications

a.         Provide a description of the proposer’s firm, including a description of the form of the proposer’s business (i.e., sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, etc.) the proposer’s UBI number and proof of authorization to conduct business in the State of Washington. 

           If the proposer is a corporation or other limited liability business form, also provide information as to which state in which the proposer is incorporated or otherwise authorized as a business entity.

ii.         If the proposer is a subsidiary of another company, identify the parent corporation(s).

iii.        If the proposer is a partnership, identify all partners.

iv.        If the proposer conducts business under a fictitious name, provide all names under which business is transacted and the name of all owners, partners, or principals.


b.         The contractor shall be duly licensed to haul scrap metal and hold a State of Washington “Hulk Hauler’s Permit” and/or “Scrap Processor License.”  A copy of the permit or license shall be included with the Request for Proposal.

c.         If the contractor will be operating as a vehicle wrecker as to any of the vehicles removed under the Request for Proposal, the contractor shall be duly licensed to operate in that capacity and shall include a copy of the vehicle wrecker’s license with the Request for Proposal.

d.         Describe any factors or changes in the past year, or anticipated changes, that may affect proposer’s capability of performing the work requested;

e.         Identify three (3) references where the proposer’s firm has done similar work, giving the name address, and telephone number of a contact person or department.

f.          Provide information regarding the proposer’s background and experience in providing these services.

g.         Provide evidence of liability insurance coverage – via an insurance certificate which a minimum of $1 million per occurrence and a $5 million umbrella with Chelan County named as an additional insured.

h.         Provide the identity, business name, business address, and telephone number for each subcontactor for the project.

3.         Cost Proposal

Provide cost proposal to complete the required work described in this RFP

4.         Firm Approach

Describe how your firm will provide the requested services.

5.         Other

Please disclose any conflict or potential conflict of interest that your firm may have concerning this contract.

  • B.        Submittal Requirements

            Submit three (3) copies of the bid proposal to:

                                    Tim Lykken

                                    Chelan County Code Compliance Deputy

                                    Chelan County Community Development Department

                                    316 Washington Street, Suite 301

                                    Wenatchee, Washington  98801


  • A.        Proposal Evaluations

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria (not listed in any order of importance):

1.         Proposer’s compliance with the Request for Proposals.                                

2.         Proposer’s proven ability with similar projects.

3.         Proposer’s track record of responsiveness to time limitations and deadlines. 

4.         Proposer’s record of quality of performance.

5.         Proposer’s capacity to perform the work.

6.         Proposer’s cost proposal.

                        Based upon the evaluation of the submitted Request for Proposals, the Code Enforcement Officer will make its recommendations to the Chelan County Board of Commissioners for final determination.

  • B.        Presentations

                        The County retains the right to create a shortlist and invite proposers who make the list to deliver a presentation of their proposals to the Board.

  • C.        Negotiations

                        The county retains the right to make an award based on initial proposals without negotiations.  Negotiations may be conducted with all responsible proposers.

  • D.        Anticipated Schedule

                        Advertise RFP                                                August 12 and 14, 2021

                        Inspect site                                                      August 31, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

                        Deadline for Proposals                                    September 13, 2021 at 12:00 noon

                        Submit Recommendation to Board                September 21, 2021

                        Start Date for Work                                        October 15, 2021


  • E.        Other Matters.

1.         Changes in RFP/Addenda

Any communication with or from the County to a proposer will be transmitted simultaneously to all proposers along with written questions submitted.  Any proposer who fails to recognize or utilize this process of communication will be notified of its violation of the process and may be disqualified from the RFP process.  All addenda will be numbered in sequence, dated as of the date of issue, and sent via fax to all proposers.  All proposers shall furnish a fax number to the Code Enforcement Officer (See paragraph III, E, 4 below.)

2.         Contract Requirements

 No verbal agreement or conversation with any officer, agent, or employee of the County, either before or after execution of the Contract, shall affect or modify any terms or obligations contained in the Contract.  Any such verbal agreement or conversation shall be considered unofficial information and in no way binding on the County.  If awarded the contract the contractor will execute the contract and post a satisfactory performance bond as required.

3.         Receipt of Addenda

The proposer shall acknowledge receipt of each addendum by signing in the space provided on the issued addendum and by submitting all addenda with its proposal.

4.         Clarifications

Proposers shall thoroughly examine the instructions, specifications, and service requirements set forth in this RFP.  If there is any doubt or uncertainty as to the meaning of the same, proposers may ask for any explanation or clarification before submitting their proposal.  All requests for explanation or clarification must be presented to the County in written form.

All inquiries related to this RFP should be submitted in writing to:                             

                                                Tim Lykken, Chelan County Code Enforcement Deputy
                                                Chelan County Department of Community Development
                                                316 Washington Street, Suite 301
                                                Wenatchee, Washington 98801
                                                Phone: (509) 667-6225
                                                Fax:     (509) 667-6475

5.         Reservation of Rights

The County reserves and holds at its discretion the following rights and options:

a.         Request clarification and/or additional information from the proposer at any point in the process;

b.         Execute a contract or contracts with one or more proposers, on the sole basis of the original proposal or any additions to the proposal submissions;

c.         Reject any or all proposals, waiver irregularities in any proposal, accept or reject all or any part of any proposal, waive any requirements of the Request For Proposals, as may be deemed to be in the best interest of the County; and

d.         Reissue the RFP or modify the RFP.

In order to be considered for selection, responses must be received by the Chelan County Code Enforcement Officer before the date and time specified.  Persons or firms mailing responses should allow normal mail delivery time to ensure timely receipt by the County.  Proposals received after the stated deadline shall not be considered.  No fax transmittals will be accepted.

IV.       Disposal of Proposals

All materials submitted in response to this RFP will become property of Chelan County.  One (1) copy of each proposal will be retained for official files and will become a public record after the award and open to public inspection.  It is understood that the proposal will become part of the official file on this matter without obligation on the part of Chelan County.

V.        No Reimbursement for Expenses for Preparation of Proposals

There is no express or implied obligation for Chelan County to reimburse any responding person or firm for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to this Request for Proposals.




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Last Updated: 08/11/2021 08:13 AM

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