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Marine Patrol

The Marine Patrol Unit is responsible for patrolling the waters of Chelan County for the purpose of preventing crime, enforcing applicable federal law, state law, and county ordinances. In addition, the Marine Patrol Unit is responsible for performing rescue operations for persons and vessels in distress, assisting other divisions and agencies as needed, maintaining buoys and navigational markers, investigating marine accidents and incidents, and removing objects from the water that present a hazard to vessels.

Additionally, the Marine Patrol Unit provides boating safety and education classes to the public. The Marine Patrol Unit is fully operational throughout the year.

The Marine Patrol Unit consists of one full time Sergeant and one seasonal deputy. Additionally, there are sixteen fully-commissioned deputies rotated throughout the boating season to provide enforcement and education on our waterways. The Sheriff's Office also relies on a number of Citizen Corp Marine Patrol Volunteers. The purpose of the Marine Patrol Volunteers is to provide assistance and support to Marine Patrol Deputies. This unit may also be called upon to provide support to the search and rescue missions of the Sheriff's Office.

The Marine Patrol Unit vessel fleet consists of two lake patrol boats, two river patrol boats, and assorted personal watercraft.

Sergeant Randy Foltz is the Marine Patrol Coordinator and Supervisor.


Deputy Scott Nesary Assisting Rescue Workers During Ridge to River

Sgt. Randy Foltz on Patrol on the Columbia River

Sgt. Randy Foltz Hosting a Booth at the Wenatchee Boat Show

Marine Patrol Unit Volunteers Tom Koch and Del Schauer Patrolling the Columbia River

Marine Patrol Volunteer Dana Starkweather on Patrol on Wapato Lake

Sergeant Randy Foltz and Marine Patrol Volunteer George Wilson patrolling Lake Wenatchee

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