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Passport Information

Photos and Passport Application Processing

The Clerk's office acts as an agent for the federal government in processing passport applications. Passport applications are mailed by the clerk on the same day they are received, but regular processing at the national level takes approximately six weeks. Some countries require a VISA for entry. It is necessary to have physical possession of a passport before applying for a VISA. Go to to learn more about how to get a VISA.

Processing Options

Routine 4-6 weeks
Expedited 2-3 weeks
Expedited at Agency 5 Business days - Based on need, restrictions apply
Requires appointment with Seattle Passport Office

Passports for age 16 years of age and older are valid for 10 years. For under 16 years of age passports are valid for 5 years.

Type of Passport Service

Passport Fee


Clerk Processing Fee

Total Fees per Application

New application for an adult age 16 or older





New application for a child age 15 or younger





Expedited service charge per application





Renewal for adult expired passport but issued date is less than 15 years ago



No fee if processed by applicant. $25 if processed by clerk.

$120.00 without process fee
$145.00 with process fee

Renewal for adult expired passport and issued date is more than 15 years ago





Passport Card Age 16 and over





Passport Card Age 15 and under





Passport Card Age 16 and over with valid passport



No fee if processed by applicant $25.00 if processed by clerk

$43.00 without process fee
$68.00 with process fee

You will need to provide the following to the clerk:

The passport fee should be check or money order payable to U.S. Department of State.

Processing fee should be check, money order or cash payable to the Chelan County Clerk.

Proof of US citizenship. (a certified copy of birth certificate, Naturalization Certificate, or previous passport) For information on how to get a birth certificate go to

Completed but, UNSIGNED passport application form. Forms are available on the Internet at, Clerk's Office, or travel agencies.

Two (2) passport photos which must meet federal requirements.

Picture identification.

All children must appear in person.

Children under age 16 must appear and:

    1. Both parents must appear to sign the application.
    2. Show valid personal identification.
    3. Present evidence that they are the parents or guardians, i.e.(parents name on birth certificate).
    4. Sign and take oath.

If the second parent is not available to sign, the appearing parent must present evidence that he/she has:

    1. Sole legal custody.
    2. Written consent of the other parent for the issuance of the passport (must be notorized) or
    3. Written statement explaining why non-applying parent's consent cannot be obtained.

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Applications cannot be processed after 4:00 P.M.




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