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Jury Information

Persons receiving a juror summons from the Chelan County Clerk's Office have been randomly chosen from the pool of prospective jurors.

Prospective jurors must immediately complete and return the juror questionnaire. All information received will be treated confidentially. It is important to provide complete information so that the court can either qualify you to serve or excuse you from service.

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Important Notice to Jurors:

Most jury trials last 3 to 4 days and jurors are free to return home in the evenings. Jurors are usually required to serve on one trial.

Jurors are selected at random from lists of voter registrations, drivers licenses, and Washington State identification cards for residents of Chelan County. The lists are combined and duplicate names are eliminated. However, different spellings or name variations may result in duplication.

Jurors are compensated at rates established by State and County law. Per Diem and mileage will be paid. Please check your odometer when traveling to court.  Checks are usually mailed four to six weeks after the jury term ends.


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