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Juvenile Detention Facility

The Chelan County Juvenile Center operates a 50-bed juvenile detention facility. The building was completed in 1998, and is located at the corner of Washington and Orondo, across the street from the old county courthouse.

Youth housed in the detention facility fall into two categories: pending and court-ordered. Pending youth are those who have been arrested by law enforcement either on a warrant or pursuant to the investigation of a new crime. These youth may be housed in detention while awaiting court hearings or the judge responsible for the case may allow release under a bail requirement and/or conditions of release. Court-ordered youth are those who have been found guilty and have been sentenced to detention by the court for a crime or a probation violation.

Assessments and Services

During a youth's stay in detention, services are available to address medical, emotional, and mental health needs. All youth receive standardized assessments to determine the existence and severity of substance abuse and mental health problems. Classes and groups are provided, as indicated, to address issues such as anger control, drug and alcohol use, and life skills.

Daily Activities

A full-time, in-house school program is operated by the Wenatchee School District. All detention youth are required to attend school Monday through Friday. Privileges are earned through a formal level system that requires youth to earn points for appropriate behavior every day. Chores, meals, and recreation and other structured activities make up the balance of the daily schedule. Whenever youth are confined to cells, staff make rounds to check on their status every 15 minutes.

Visitation/Phone Calls

Visiting Hours are 6:15pm to 8:15pm on Tuesdays, 1:30pm to 4:00pm on Saturday, Sundays and holidays and 9am to 10:45am on holidays.

  1. Visitation is restricted to Parents/guardians. Exceptions must be approved by the probation counselors.
  2. Visitation is a privilege, and allowed per the rules and level system.
  3. Visitors may not bring food or drink.
  4. All mail must be sent through the United States Postal Service.
  5. Visitors must leave their coats, purses, and other belongings in the trunk of their car.
  6. Youth may make one outgoing phone call per day to parent/guardian per the rules and level system.

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Contact: Corey Stephens, Detention Manager
Phone: (509) 667-6647




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