Meetings and Schedule

Open House Series

Chelan County’s Flood Control Zone District hosted a series of open houses in the summer 2016 to provide information regarding the development of the FCZD’s comprehensive plan and to present the HAZUS model for Chelan County. 

Hazus-MH is a nationally applicable standardized methodology that estimates potential losses from floods. Hazus-MH uses state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to map and display hazard data and the results of damage and economic loss estimates for buildings and infrastructure. It will allows users to estimate the impacts of floods on individual properties.

These meetings were held on the following dates:

June 28, 2016
Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce
in Chelan

June 29, 2016
Chelan County PUD Auditorium
in Wenatchee

June 30, 2016
Chelan County Fire District No. 3    Community Center in Leavenworth


If you have questions regarding the information discussed or would like to know more about Hazus-MH, please contact Chelan County Public Works at 509/667.6415.

Participatory Stakeholder Meetings

A Participatory Stakeholder Committee, made up of people from throughout the county, also met 10 times to give its input into the development of a Comprehensive Plan for the FCZD. The meetings were open to the public, and several community members attended. The committee's agendas and meeting summaries are as follows:

Meeting #10 (July 27, 2016)

Meeting #8 (March 23, 2016)

Meeting #7 (February 24, 2016)

Meeting #6 (January 27, 2016)

Stakeholder Committee Contact Information