The Chelan County Flood Control Zone District (FCZD or District) was established by the Board of County Commissioners by Resolution 2014-59, pursuant to RCW 86.14, in response to not only the growing frequency and severity of flash and stage flooding in greater Chelan County but also the resulting impacts and risks to public infrastructure and critical facilities.

Since the establishment of the FCZD, Chelan County has been working on the following tasks:

  • Interim Operating Guidelines
  • Debris Management Plan
  • Flood Emergency Response Plan
  • Rain Gage Operation
  • Weather Radar Feasibility Investigation
  • Flood Control Infrastructure Projects

In July 2015, the FCZD then began working through a process to develop a Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan, or CFHMP. Once adopted, the CFHMP will replace the Interim Operating Guidelines.

To assist, a steering committee was formed to oversee all phases of the CFHMP planning effort. The District assembled a list of people representing interests within the planning area who would have recommendations for the CFHMP. Committee members included key County staff, outside agencies, citizens and representatives of the various cities within Chelan County.

The purpose of the Chelan County CFHMP is to develop a holistic approach to flood control that encompasses flood control management and floodplain management, utilizing structural and nonstructural methods of reducing flood hazards. Flood hazard and floodplain management also are not limited to areas within the floodplain but can extend to the entire watershed.