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Current Planning

The Current Planning and Administration office implements zoning and other land use regulations, provides counter service, code enforcement, records archiving, and personnel support for the department. Services provided by the office include plan review, site review and inspection, land use permit processing, final review, and code enforcement.

Mission Statement

The Chelan County Planning Department promotes the preservation, enhancement, and protection of the quality of life for all. We implement the vision of the community as demonstrated in its Adopted Rules and Policies, in a professional, fair, courteous, and timely manner.

County Information and Forms

  • Supplemental
  • Land Use
  • Subdivision
  • Shoreline

These forms may be required in addition to the land use application. Please check the front page of the Application Packet to determine if any supplemental forms are required.

  • Pre-Application Request Form- Packet to Assist Preparation of the application (i.e. identification of any additional regulatory process) to providing opportunity to "test" development options before investing in creation of detailed plans and engineering. Short Plat
  • Aquifer Recharge Disclosure Form - A Disclosure Form Used on All Land Use Applications to Determine if the Proposed Use has the Potential to Cause Contamination to Groundwater.
  • Public Benefit and Rating System Form - A Form to Allow Property Owners the Opportunity to Receive a Reduction of their Property Taxes for Preserving One or More Open Space Resources on their Property.
  • SEPA Checklist - Information to Assist Applicant and State to Identify Environmental Impacts From a Building Proposal and Determine If an Environmental Impact Statement is Required




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Long Range Planning



David Grimes, Interim Director/Planning Manager
Mike Wojtowicz, Senior Planner
Lilith Yanagimachi, Planner II
Hoa Dao, Planner
Maggie Boles, Assistant Planner
Kennith George, Planner
Terri Scott, Planning Technician II
Deniese Aultman, Planning Technician




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