Community Meetings

Deanna Walter, Chelan County Assessor and her staff would like to invite you into our “assessment” world with a series of community meetings throughout the county in April and May (see full schedule posted below).  The meetings are a great opportunity to meet Deanna, hear how our assessment process works and to ask questions.  We will also be discussing the real estate market changes that we are seeing and how it will affect your 2017 Notice of Value which will be mailed out sometime in June. 

“Save the Date” inserts were mailed out in February along with the 2017 Tax Statements from the Chelan County Treasurer’s Office with the complete schedule of all eight meeting (two per inspection cycle).   

Even if you have attended one of our community meetings in the past we encourage you to take an hour out of your evening to join us for a brief and informative presentation followed by a question and answer session.  We will have oversized maps of your area along with our sales data available to look at.

Community Meetings Documents

Documents and Presentations

 Presentation.pdf 3585 KB
 Sales City.pdf 4394 KB
 Sales Vicinity.pdf 6045 KB
 Value Change City.pdf 4304 KB
 Value Change Vicinity.pdf 5284 KB
 Presentation.pdf 7816 KB
 Sales.pdf 5716 KB
 ValueChange.pdf 4426 KB
 Presentation.pdf 1482 KB
 Sales.pdf 5376 KB
 ValueChange.pdf 4890 KB
 Lake Wenatchee
 Presentation.pdf 3402 KB
 Sales.pdf 6961 KB
 ValueChange.pdf 6265 KB
 Presentation.pdf 2924 KB
 Sales.pdf 7718 KB
 ValueChange.pdf 6727 KB
 Presentation.pdf 16967 KB
 Sales.pdf 7715 KB
 ValueChange.pdf 5969 KB
 North Wenatchee
 Presentation.pdf 4781 KB
 Sales.pdf 6356 KB
 ValueChange.pdf 4320 KB
 South Wenatchee-Malaga
 Presentation.pdf 3499 KB
 Sales Malaga.pdf 5509 KB
 Sales SWen Squilck.pdf 6054 KB
 Value Change Malaga.pdf 5041 KB
 Value Change SWen Squilck.pdf 5070 KB