Renewals - Registration tabs/decals

In Washington all licensed vehicles, vessels and trailers carry a one-year license. Registration can only be renewed in full-year increments and can be purchased up to 6 months in advance. You may select from the following three renewal options.

  1. Online: You can renew online and avoid having to stand in line. Your tabs will arrive several days faster than if you mail us your renewal. Your tabs and plates can either be mailed to you or held for office pickup at your specification. They will be available for pickup the first workday after ordering.
car vessel
  1. Mail: Please allow 3-10 days processing time. If your expiration date is closer than 10 days, please consider renewing either via the internet or in person.

  2. In Person: When visiting in person, bring along your ID and renewal notice or plate number. Tabs can be legally sold only to the registered owner or an immediate family member with same last name. Others must present a note signed by a registered owner and specifying the vehicle's plate or VIN number along with the name of the individual picking up the tabs. If paying by check, the check must be in the name of the registered owner.

Replacing Lost Tabs (DOL site)

  • Turnaround Time: We will mail your duplicate tabs within 3-10 days of receipt.

  • Tip: If submitting the Affidavit of Loss via mail, signatures must be notarized. If visiting an office in person, there is no need because we will be able to witness your signatures on the form. Bring ID.

Renewal Reminder Notices

  • New Option – sign up to receive email reminders from the DOL.

  • Paper notices of renewal are generated and mailed from the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) in Olympia approximately 3 weeks prior to registration expiration. If you didn't receive your notice, you can still renew by supplying us with the plate number at the time of request. To estimate renewal fees, please reference the fee chart on the DOL site.